Plan B Art Festival
Mjólkursamlagið Borgarnesi
The Foyer, the Privy, the Upstairs & the Boudoir

These works were inspired by an open call for artwork by the Public Buildings Art Fund of Iceland, intended for a doctor’s office in the countryside. Accompanying the announcement were blueprints and drawings of the space intended. On one of the drawings above a row of seats was an empty square with the tag ‘prickboard’, scratched over, and the tag ‘painting’ added onto it. This got me thinking about the role paintings or artworks serve to people in general. Whether a painting is somehow more than the sum of its part, or simply a prop or a spaceholder to cushion our surroundings. The first work, the Foyer, is quite literally a play on this open call, and the rest follow as means to desecrate paintings and turn them into purposeful objects. In the Boudoir a painting is split into three, and framed with hinges, to create a room divider or a dressing screen. In the Upstairs a painting is fixed to the floor of a short flight of stairs, as a rug would be installed. And in the Privy the painting is suspended as a curtain in the entrance to the toilets.