with Clara Bro Uerkvitz
Ekkisens artist run space

In the Terraria bits and pieces of different origins come together to create a new environment. Their sweat builds up the moisture which condensed to water quenches their thirst in turn. Through the everlasting circulation of body fluids the strangers become one. By simulation, transference and isolation an unprecedented biome is created, for the study, observation or safeguarding of its individual elements.

While sharing the same physical space Clara and Steinunn have uncovered common threads. Pulling at them from opposite ends, discovering tangles and points of intersection, they've nudged one another into different directions, tugging apart in places and towards in others. They bring the threads together but the weave is loose and full of loops, loopholes to break away and onto new territories, or to allow for inspection of the links and structures, to see how they come apart or cling together.