SÍM Gallery
Safe place 

Everyone needs a place of their own, a safe place to call home.
Composed of a medley of objects, purposely placed in a ‘box’, small or big, compartmented or concave. Where do the objects come from... some were chosen, others acquired and yet others passed on. To keep is also a choice.

Some tell a story, account for the past, single events or a period.
But the others express something else. An idea of another time or reality. Another self, another story. They are an explicit definition of the homemaker, singles that signify out of the box. This way the homemaker’s world is not limited by the boundaries of the box.

What determines which these objects are? The zeitgeist has its say, but is not an autocrat. Childhood home and past lodgings. Travels and foreign cultures. Fairytale worlds, movie worlds. Historical epochs. All experiences contribute to the formatting of the individual’s material world.

But can one leave his material world and visit another’s? What would you bring back?

For this exhibition I visited the material worlds of two persons of a similiar age but different origin, different world views and experiences, and brought back elements through extraction and reproduction,.